Pro-Line and betting

Whats the difference between Pro-Line and betting?

People got into trouble for betting on games like Wayne Gretzky’s wife last year and another was charged today with a 15month jail sentence. So why do they get into troble for betting on games? why is betting illegial?


Pro-Line and betting are two different forms of wagering. Pro-Line is a type of sports betting that is run by the government in certain provinces in Canada, such as Ontario. It involves selecting the winner of a set number of games and placing a bet on the outcome. The odds are predetermined by the government, and the payouts are generally lower than those of other types of sports betting.

Betting, on the other hand, refers to any form of gambling that involves placing a wager on the outcome of an event or game. This can include sports betting, casino gambling, horse racing, and other forms of gambling. Betting is often done through bookmakers, online sportsbooks, or other types of gambling establishments.

The reason why people can get into trouble for betting on games is that it can be seen as a form of cheating or manipulating the outcome of a game. This is especially true if someone has insider information or access to the teams or players involved in the game. Betting on games can also lead to corruption and undermine the integrity of the sport.

In many jurisdictions, betting is illegal because it is seen as a form of gambling that can lead to addiction, financial hardship, and other negative consequences. Governments often regulate and restrict betting in order to protect consumers and prevent illegal activity.

In some cases, such as with Pro-Line in Canada, the government may run a regulated form of sports betting in order to generate revenue and control the activity. However, this is not the case in all jurisdictions, and many forms of sports betting remain illegal.

Overall, while Pro-Line and other forms of government-regulated sports betting may be legal in certain jurisdictions, betting on games is generally illegal and can lead to serious consequences for those involved. It is important for individuals to understand the laws and regulations in their area and to engage in responsible and legal forms of wagering.