Sports betting bonuses

Sports Betting Bonus – Have A Look At Different Options

betting bonusesBetting promotions and bonus offers are some of the interesting things to the online bettors. The local and land-based bookies do not always offer these thrilling promotions to the bettors. Thus, to avail the bonus offers (including cash bonuses and free play bonuses), you may have started playing online. However, you can find differences between the sports betting bonus offers. There are various factors affecting betting deal values. The most important thing is that you have to choose a reputable betting site. The rollover, bonus types, and other terms have a direct relation to the bonus value.

Cash bonus

Some online sportsbooks offer this type of bonus to the bettors. It is not always easy to locate this cash bonus. The major reason for which they have higher value is that you will get back the winnings from bets and the wagered amount. In the case of free plays, you have a chance of receiving only the winning wager. Thus, you can prefer choosing cash bonuses. For instance, you can have a cash bonus of 100% up to $500 on your initial deposit. The bonus offer may also be applicable to your second deposit.

Reduced juice bonus

The new bettors may not be familiar with it. The term, Juice indicates the amount of vig, charged by sportsbook. Thus, the reduced Juice is the lower amount of commission. You have a chance to grab more money. This is a very easy way, in which you will get the highest bet value. The US players do not get several options for this reduced juice bonus. The juice betting saves your money on the short term and long-term basis.

Cashback and VIP bonus

In the present world of sports betting, VIP and cashback bonuses present you with attractive rewards. Some online sportsbooks offer these bonuses to the bettors, who have not won the bets.

The cashback bonus is a promotion, for which the VIP bet gives you a part of your lost wagered amount. This bonus offers you a chance to reduce the loss. The cashback bonus can vary between 5% and 25% on the games and bets. The VIP and loyal customers get these bonuses. They receive it every month or week. Bookmaker plays a role in setting the cashback amount. Hence, to avoid the risks, you may grab the cashback bonus offers from the betting sites.

No-deposit bonus

It is a special bonus offer, available for the sports bettor. Mostly, the new gamblers get an opportunity of availing this bonus. Without depositing an amount into the account, gamblers will be able to get it.

The free bet, offering you money, is also this type of bonus. The bonus amount may range from $5 to $10.

No deposit bonus is also applicable for the casino games. You cannot use that bonus for your sports betting. Thus, while choosing the bonus, you have to ensure that it is eligible for the sports betting purpose. In a few cases, you need to activate the bonus by entering a code.

Welcome bonus or signup bonus

The term, welcome bonus easily makes you guess what it is available to you once you have signed up for the site and deposited an amount. You can find the bonus as a percentage of the amount deposited by you. The primary purpose behind offering this signup or welcome bonus is to attract new bettors and to encourage you to start with the bigger bankroll. For most of the betting platforms, this signup bonus percentage ranges from 50% to 100%. Thus, when you have made the first deposit of about $100, the site will present you with another $100.

Free play

It is a very common sportsbook bonus. We also call it the free bets. Lots of sportsbooks in the online world offer these free bets to the gamblers. However, we think that the cash bonuses are better than these free bets. Still, you can find value from free play. While you have wagered with the free play bonus, there will be no risk with the amount. When you have won the bets, you will be able to convert the bonus into cash.

Reload bonus

Deposit bonuses and reload bonus have some similarities. One of the similarities is that you may avail of them as your free play. Now, the significant difference between them is that you can find the reload bonus after you have made your first deposit and cleared the first bonus. This is a very standard bonus in most of the sportsbooks.

Referral bonus

As one of the bettors, you can ask your friends to sign up for your chosen site. Thus, as you are referring to your friend, you will get the referral bonus. You may receive this referral bonus email. However, the bonus offer is applicable while your referred friend has signed up for the site and made a deposit.

High roller bonus

You may have a big bankroll, and you have the potentials of placing a big bet. In that case, the sportsbook presents you with the lucrative high roller bonus. You can find it as a part of your deposited amount. This amount helps you in increasing the bankroll by 50%. As the bigger bankroll is essential, some bettors may not be able to avail it. Place a bet on your favorite sport and enjoy this bonus offer from the sportsbook online.

Crypto bonus

Lots of sports bettors make their deposit using the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have become very popular cryptocurrencies. Thus, while you are depositing the bet amount with these cryptocurrencies, you will surely get a special bonus offer from some of the sportsbooks online.

We have talked about the sports betting bonus of different types. However, for every type of bonus, you can find terms and conditions. The online sportsbooks do not offer you the money without getting anything in return. Thus, while you are accepting the bonus offer, you have to know the details.