Free Bets

Free Bets- The Promotions From The Online Betting Sites

Most of the online sports bettors look for opportunities for gaining some lucrative offers. Simultaneously, lots of bookmakers have also started offering various things to encourage new bettors to create their betting account. Free bets are one of the special offers that can draw the interest of the gamblers. You think that free bets give you an opportunity of placing the bet by avoiding any risk. Now, the question is- Do these bookmakers offer free money to the customers? The free bets are different from the regular one. For the former one, you do not need to stake your own money. Thus, while you have won the bets, you will not get the refund of the stake with the winnings. In most cases, the bettors are able to avail these free bets after opening the account.

We have already told you these bookies offer free bets for persuading you for a signup and for depositing money into the betting account. As they are offering you free bets upfront, they anticipate that you would continue betting with them. Although these free bets are advantageous to you, there is something, not known to you. It is true that lots of bookmakers enable you to claim their free bets without any need of depositing funds. However, for other bookmakers, you can find a rule of placing additional bets to get advantage of their free bets. Thus, you have to make sure that you are eligible for these bets.

You may need to create an account with your chosen bookmaker and verify your details. Some bookies ask the bettors to register a payment method for depositing an amount. You may use the free money for placing the sports bet. The best option to you is to check out the rules for claiming the free bets.

Terms and conditions on playthrough

You can find that the free bet amount is generous. In that case, it is essential to check out the playthrough before you accept the offer from bookies. You need to know whether you must place a particular number of additional bets to get your winnings as the payout.

To make out the free bet value, you have to do some calculations. For instance, when your free bet value is $100 and you need to turn it over thrice for the payout, you have to wager $300. These rules are different for every bookmaker.

The bonus bet or free bet from bookmaker is the amount of fund, credit by bookmaker to your betting account. Thus, you will get a chance of betting on that chosen betting markets with particular types of bets. One of the most advantageous things about free bets is that you will lose nothing due to the loss of bet. Secondly, while you are the winner by using free bet, you will get only your profit. However, in case of the profit, you will have the profit and the wagered amount.

How would you find the bonus and free bets? You can visit the site of bookmaker and locate the page on promotions. As free bet is one of the promotional offers, you can easily identify it on that page.

Way of using your free bets

You have a variety of ways for getting the advantage from the free bets.

  • Apply bet hedging process- You may have already thought of a bet. Still, you have an option of using the free bet on a different outcome. This is a bet hedging method. For instance, you can place your wager on the winning team of the sports. Then, for the free bet, you may choose another team. Thus, it increases the chance to win the profit.
  • Doubling up the bankroll- It is one of the easiest ways of using the free bet. You can better place the wager with your bookmaker that has offered you this bet. You will be able to double up the bankroll by doing it.
  • Get cash from the free bet- You may rely on the matched betting process for converting the free bets into some cash. With bookmaker, you have to place the free bet on the right outcome. Whatever be the outcome, you will surely have the profit from it.

Other restrictions, related to free bets

In some cases, you can find an offer, saying:

By betting an amount of $50, you will get five free bets of $10. It is a type of free bet format, imposing time-related restriction. You can find the validity dates. The subsequent free bet series will turn out to be active while the previous ones become invalid. Bookmakers set these restrictions when they have some bonus offer for you. In fact, they think that it will encourage you to return to their platform several times.

Another type of restriction on free bets is related to geographical boundary. The bookmakers enlist the countries, where their bonus offer is applicable. Thus, you have to find out whether your nationality makes you eligible to get the free bets from your chosen bookmaker.

Have a look at the free bets in different versions

No Deposit Free Bets

This is the most desirable free bet, as you can easily avail them. There is no need to make deposit for availing these free bets.

Matched free bets

You can place a number of bets, and in this case, the online bookmakers convert free bets into cash. It is another no-risk betting process for the punters.

Formatted Free Bets

While your betting records have fulfilled some conditions, you will be eligible for these free bets. However, it is not much easy to get these bets.

Qualifying Free Bet

This is a real-money bet, and you have to place the minimum bet amount for it. You can find the free bet, credited to your account in a day.

Thus, we have presented a detailed information on the free bets and the reasons for which bookmakers offer them. You have to check out the terms and conditions, related to free bets.