What is a good book on horse betting and hadicapping?

What is a good book on horse betting and hadicapping?

I’m not a novice I know the basics exactas, win, place and show. But I want more information which books will give me all I need to know to picking the winners. What is the bible to horse betting?

Question asked by: gustavo_zoom


There are many books on horse betting and handicapping, but here are a few highly regarded ones:

  1. “Betting Thoroughbreds” by Steven Davidowitz – This book is often regarded as the “bible” of horse betting. It covers everything from handicapping and analyzing past performances to betting strategies and money management.
  2. “Modern Pace Handicapping” by Tom Brohamer – This book focuses on the importance of pace in handicapping and provides detailed strategies for using pace analysis to pick winners.
  3. “Handicapping 101” by Brad Free – This book covers the basics of handicapping and betting, as well as more advanced topics such as speed figures and workout analysis.
  4. “The Winning Horseplayer” by Andrew Beyer – This book is a classic in the world of horse betting and covers a wide range of topics, including speed figures, bias analysis, and money management.
  5. “The Complete Handicapper” by James Quinn – This book covers all aspects of handicapping, including speed figures, pace analysis, and class handicapping.

It’s important to remember that even the best books on horse betting and handicapping cannot guarantee success, and it’s important to always gamble responsibly and only bet what you can afford to lose.


  1. “Picking Winners”- by Anderew Beyer. Clearly the best!

    It has concepts that other people, such as stock brokers, use in their risk-reward strategies.

  2. Picking Winners is OK, but biased towards speed figures.

    I would go with “Betting Thouroughbreds” by Steven Davidowitz as a good all around source for someone looking for more than just the basics.

  3. I’ll go for “Betting Thoroughbreds” too. It’s a full-pack source of information.

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