Wager on sports betting in vegas

Whats typically the maximum wager allowed on sports betting in vegas?

I’m going to be going to vegas for the first time and was wondering what the maximum bet is usually allowed at one book. I’ll be staying at the rio and betting on the march madness tourney in particular.

Question asked by: Phoenix


The maximum wager allowed on sports betting in Las Vegas can vary depending on the sportsbook and the event being bet on. However, for major events such as the March Madness tournament, many sportsbooks in Las Vegas will allow maximum bets of several thousand dollars or more.

Some high-end sportsbooks may have even higher maximum bet limits, while smaller sportsbooks may have lower limits. It’s important to check with the specific sportsbook you plan to bet at to determine their maximum bet limits.

It’s also important to note that even if a sportsbook has a high maximum bet limit, they may not accept bets of that size from all customers. Some sportsbooks may require additional verification or have restrictions on high-stakes betting.

Overall, Las Vegas is a popular destination for sports betting, and there are many reputable sportsbooks that offer a range of bet limits to suit different types of bettors.