is online sports betting legal in china

is online sports betting legal in china?

i’d like to know if anyone here has experience of doing online sports betting without been in trouble in china, i hear online gambling is not legal there unllike here in the UK .can one gamble freely there?

Question posted by: bryant_mat


Online sports betting is not legal in China. In fact, all forms of gambling, except for those specifically authorized by the Chinese government, are illegal. This includes online sports betting, as well as other forms of online gambling such as online casinos and poker rooms.

While there are some online sports betting sites that cater to Chinese players, these sites are not licensed or regulated by the Chinese government. This means that they operate outside of Chinese law and can expose players to legal risks. Chinese authorities have taken action against such sites in the past, and players who use them could potentially face criminal charges.

Additionally, even if a site is based outside of China, Chinese players can still face legal consequences for participating in online sports betting. Chinese authorities have been known to crackdown on illegal online gambling activities and have arrested individuals involved in these activities in the past.

In short, online sports betting is not legal in China, and individuals who engage in such activities can face legal consequences. It is important to be aware of the risks involved and to abide by local laws and regulations. If you are looking to engage in online sports betting, it is recommended to do so in a jurisdiction where it is legal and regulated.