Horse Race Betting At Del Mar Racetrack

Horse Race Betting At Del Mar Racetrack

Leah D’Emilio visits the Del Mar Racetrack just North of San Diego where she spoke to the President and CEO Joe Harper, renowned jockey Victor Espinoza, and members of the public at the racetrack. Leah also got betting tips from daytrippers and workers at the track. We’re off to the races!

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  2. For her $2 show ticket, she won $4.40. Now if she had bet on that horse to win, she would have won $9.60.

  3. How do you know she won $100? What is the payout for someone who won a “show”?? I don’t know much about horse racing, thanks.

  4. at first I was going to bypass this, because I didn’t care about the topic, but this was actually interesting, cool dude, congrats on the win, and interesting bloopers

  5. I learned years ago that gambling is for the mathematically challenged. I doubt if that is always the case, but I imagine that the “House” is always the winner.

  6. I’ve been watching Mahalo daily for a couple months now. Most of the comments on here are as follows. “She’s HOT!” “Damn, She’s SEXY!” Duh! That’s why she’s on here. Other than that. I enjoy the variety of locations and information they show. So, on that note. Good job. BTW. I don’t bet on horses. Sorry.

  7. Let us know how you pick a winning horse! Thanks for watching! If you like this episode, be sure to rate and subscribe to mahalodotcom! –>



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