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Expert of online sports betting

Where can i find an expert of online sports betting ?

I know nothing about sports betting and i want to find an expert to answer my questions.
Specially someone who is familiar with online sports betting (and the corresponding websites like don best, covers, vegas insider etc…)

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Pro-Line and betting

Whats the difference between Pro-Line and betting?

People got into trouble for betting on games like Wayne Gretzky’s wife last year and another was charged today with a 15month jail sentence. So why do they get into troble for betting on games? why is betting illegial?

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What are the lines of betting for the Super Bowl?

What are the lines of betting for the Super Bowl?

Amanda R asked:
I’m having a party and want to play some betting games but I’m having troubles reading some of the betting websites. I want to know the over/under for field goals, touchdowns, total yards, passing yards, rushing yards. Anything will help. Thank you.

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