Betting your whole life on one roulette spin

Betting your whole life on one roulette spin

CRAZY! – $136 000 on one roulette spin…
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Video posted by: ashling71


  1. i hate what he does at 2:22…i dont know if it has something to do with the music, or how stupid he looks doing it….anyway it is real, people are stupid like this

  2. actually in an interview he says that was his second time ever being in a casino…but continue to judge people you don’t know OK?

  3. i wd actually feel embarrassed standing there with my family and everythig, u no, evryone there knows and will always know that you have a gambling problem…stupid dumb ass if thats true tho. hope he feels ashamed…btw love how the mum cries like, shes basically saying “im so proud of you, son!” lmao

  4. of course this is fake, there are people that bet more than that but no is all their money

  5. i know he won but who bets their entire life saving on one spin, next time i hope he loses for being so stupid and so risky.

  6. not fake mate it was on tv and the news and all the papers I can see why u think it would be fake its hard to understand why anyone would bet that much

  7. If i was him, i wd hit my mate in the face and say why didnt u talk me out of it? lol then i wd get a screwdriver and kill my family…

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