Betting on McCain

Betting on McCain

DNC Web Video: “Betting on McCain”

MCCAIN: “Well, I am a betting man.” [NBC Nightly News, 9/25/08]

CHYRON: Betting on McCain? Casino Lobbyists Are

IMAGE: “For McCain and Team, a Host of Ties to Gambling Industry” [New York Times, 9/28/08]

CHYRON: John McCain Stacked The Deck For His Favorite Lobbyists

PHOTO AND CHRYON: Scott Reed, Former Aide & Lobbyist

PHOTO AND CHRYON: Wes Gullett, Lobbyist & Family Friend

CHYRON: And They Returned The Favor …

CHYRON: $400,000 Casino Campaign Fundraisers / PHOTO: Casino [New York Times, 9/28/08]

CHYRON: Gambling With Casino Lobbyists At 2:30AM / PHOTO: McCain Gambling [New York Times, 9/28/08]

CHYRON: Fundraisers with Famous Vegas Tycoons / PHOTO: Sheldon Adelson [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/29/08]

CHYRON: 40 Gambling Lobbyists on the Campaign [New York Times, 9/28/08]

CLOSING CHYRON: JOHN MCCAIN: Special Interest Driven Politics

CLOSING CHYRON: JOHN MCCAIN: More of the Same Broken Politics


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  1. someone needs to exploit sheldon adelson in depth before the end of this election.

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  3. Jim Hensley, Cindy’s father, made McCain through his liquor distribution mob connections. It’s true. Google is your friend.

  4. You have much to learn about McKeating Five and his ties to the mob and the savings and loan scandal that was just the beginning chapter of the economic tsunami we are all now experiencing. Read up on the Keating Five and on McCain’s father’s mob ties and how it started McCain’s campaign. As for the stuff about Obama, you can read Lynn Sweet’s coverage in the Chicago Sun Times. There is nothing there. It is all smears.

  5. Obama and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Acorn and Rev. Wright and the bomber Ayers and the most liberal voting record in congress and no experience and no accomplishments and total arrogance and a wife who hates America and a plan to put this country into depression and now a lie.

  6. Got to love that ‘Family Values’ crowd. Be honest cons, if that were video of Obama in that casino you would be wetting yourselves in outrage. You know it’s true.

  7. yep… as an Obama supporter i found that ad embarrassing. it demeans his campaign.

    is it as embarrassing as Palin is to the republicans and the conservative movement? no…

    but still, Obama doesnt have to lower himself to McCain’s bottom of the barrel, low-life, no integrity tactics.

  8. i saw him in 2003 gamble for countless hours at the Belagio in Vegas. SCARRRRY! (he was at same craps table forever)

  9. Republican and serious Catholic, Bill Bennett, wrote a whole series of books on “Virtue” while he was filling Atlantic City casino slots with OVER $6,000,000 IN FRESH CASH! What would Jesus do?

  10. don’t let them gamble away our freedoms
    vote vote vote

    Barak Obama…..we need real change fast.

  11. John McCain likes to gamble with his own money. Lately we all have seen how he likes to gamble with his campaign. WE DO NOT WANT TO HAVE A GAMBLER AS PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Vote for Barack Obama.

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