Beat the Odds, and beat the Bookies

Some tips on beating the odds, and how it’s not impossible to come out on top in the battle with the bookies

Betting Code Exposed – Get Into The Mind Of A Bookie

  • Did you ever wonder why bookies constantly take so much money from the public?
  • Do you want to know what sportsbooks know?
  • Would YOU like to own a code that bookies use?

If you enjoy betting then I guess youve asked yourself at least 1 of this 3 questions.
Its a fact that over 98% of public bettors lose their money constantly.

Why is this so ?

I was already analysing in one of my past article about types of bettors and now I went a step further and went analysing sportsbooks.

In todays world the power has the one that has access to right informations and we all know that because of right informations, bookies will (in most cases) have advantage over public bettors.
But what if there is a way to use bookies power into our own advantage ?
Then no matter how well informed and powerful bookies are – we could beat them and take money from them constantly.

I invested a lot of time and energy in trying to crack their code and I finally succeeded.
Ive written a Betting Code Exposed ebook in which You are being given following informations:
* Why Bookies Dont Show Public Percentage On Their Site * Why Bookies Show Lines At Independent Sites BUT Dont Show Where Money Is * Why Bookies Dont Adjust A Line When Public Is Heavily Betting On One Side * Where To Find Info On Scam Bookies That Dont Payout When YOU Win Big * How To Spot A Trap Line (Theres A Reason Why Some Lines Should Be Avoided) * Is There A Such Thing As A Fix Game And Where To Get This Informations *How To Double Your Bankroll In A Certain Time Period Using The Betting Code